Debate – Is Cannabis Addictive?

I’m also asked the fiercely debated’ is cannabis based after I left and decide to help others do the same? ‘Please inquire. It is a topic in which most experts are intensely divided and those who spend their whole lives inhaling it. Why should we not try to assess the addiction of cannabis?

Starting with a hard substance to define addiction, look at the next passage and judge whether you think that anyone is or may not be addicted to heroin:


“I am emotive and angry, and I feel so depressed that I won’t have that feeling of calm and relaxation from the heroin. I really do hate the feeling I feel I want it to make me feel better.” “I can’t get heroin and maybe I can’t take heroin if I realise that I will not get anything that evening.”


Is it fair in your opinion to think that the individual is totally attached to heroin?


There is no question about me. In my opinion. I’d bet my life on it and my hypothec!

All right, re-read the sentence but the drug has turned into cannabis. This time.


“I’m emotionally angry and I feel so stressed I’ll not get the feeling of calmness, relief from cannabis. I really hate feeling that I want to make myself feel better.” “Where I can’t get the cannabis, or maybe in case I know that I’ll be powerless to get some for that night.


Is it sensitive to believe the individual is absolutely angry with cannabis with the title of the drug altered?


Remember the change in the title of the drug!

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In fact, your statement just read is valid and is from a female who contacted me recently,   who was desperate for help, not because she was heroin addicted but because she was hooked on the cannabis of our friend’s. It does not mean cannabis is anything like opioid dependency (not of course!), or perhaps physical signs of withdrawal when we want to get out, but there’s still a feeling of desperation and desire for cannabis when the circumstances cause us to go away for a long period of time. As if you don’t want to discover your dealer because you can’t relax and find fun. A strong example of psychological addiction is the sensation of missing/needing cannabis.


Imagine a low-security open jail for cocaine or even heroine, and cannabis. No matter how thin or fragile the walls are or how porous is protection on its door, a jail’s performance typically aims to limit freedom, regardless of the regime and conditions inside the jail. Your satisfaction and the enjoyment of living in this situation. Don’t worry! Don’t worry! It’s still easier not to quit smoking when you accept cannabis addictive!

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