How to Get a Medical Marijuana Prescription

The use of cannabis for treatment purposes as medical or herbal therapy is medical marijuana better known as medical cannabis. Marijuana or layman cannabis has an extensive medical history and is, furthermore, one of the most frequently used illegal drugs. Marijuana is classified by federal law in accordance with Schedule I and is thus specifically forbidden to own.

Much like any traditional medication on the market, the effects of cannabis are bad or healthy. The effects of cannabis which damage the body once abused are considered psychoactive, often fatal. Nevertheless, numerous studies have shown many beneficial effects, such as analgesics, gastrointestinal disease and glaucoma treatment. In different trials for the treatment of HIV / AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and other diseases, the drug has shown promising results.

There is a justification enough for the legalization of its use in Colorado for the incredible benefits of cannabis. A medical marijuana prescription is not easy to obtain in California. Here are some ideas, however, which will definitely help:


Go to the hospital. • Go to the hospital. While medical marijuana is not permitted by a health care practitioner, he or she might be allowed to make a decision that the medication is considered good for the patient’s treatment. Note, physicians generally prescribe medical marijuana under chronic conditions or in cases of harm to the patient’s life if not administered promptly.

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• First, the doctor would have a written record that the reasons and the medication were actually given to him or even she. He or she should be added with his or her signature.


• Apply to an ID card, eventually. The prescription and written paperwork for California medical marijuana are the necessary documents for the appeal. Contact the Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) for the application if you have them.

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