How to Use LED Strip Lights

LED Strip lights are slim, flexible, and are used in gardens and homes. You can purchase water-proof and light strips and you can cut non-waterproof lights to fit your project.

To fix non-waterproof lamps simply peel off and stick the adhesive strip. Using screws and clips, waterproof lights are attached.


The colour, brightness and moisture-resistant LED stripe lights can be selected. In spools, lighting is generally sold.


Most LED strips are used on a 12v power supply, so check both with the producer and your electrician if in doubt.


Where LED strip lights can be used


Fast, efficient, green and highly cost-effective LED lights. You can use them anywhere you want, but they are usually used as a way to emphasize places inside the house.


For example, you can place lights around the floor or perhaps above the working surface on your kitchen cupboards. You can use them on your backyard to light up a track or perhaps put them in your bathroom behind a mirror to create a “dressing room” effect.

What about colors? What about colors?


Light is a fantastic way to add character and interest to a home, but it can be disruptive and costly to bring new light to the house. With LED lights, transformation is quick and easy and you will not need to start cabling and boiling on your ceiling


LED lights are available in many different colors, and strip lights can be found that change from colour to colour. As it is very cost-effective for them to operate, the use of LED lights around the house is an excellent way of giving plenty of light and keeping away from having to enter a dark room without having to buckle thousands of people in energy bills.


Are they safe? Are they safe?


The brief reply is yes! Like regular bulbs, LED lamps won’t get hot. In contrast to 20 percent achieved through normal bulbs, ninety percent of the electricity used is used to generate light (the other 80 percent is wasted heat).

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What it means is that LED strip lights are not heated, meaning you can use them in cupboards and armoires, in bathrooms, in racks or maybe along walls.


Do I want myself to fit LED Strip Lights?


You can place them yourself if you want to plug your LED strip lights into the mains, but if you want them to be wired in you’re going to have to use the expertise of an electrics engineer. However many owners choose to buy and plug in only, which looks as useful as wired in banners.

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