Integrated E-Commerce Solutions With Web Analytic Tools

E-commerce is different from a real shop in which you can tell how many people arrived and how many people left. If you want to count the customer numbers in a website-based business, then you can count the number of customers on that website. However, it is easier to count the visitors to the site and their profiling.

There are several resources available for web analytics for this purpose. But it is a method itself to use and define the ideal.


The websites can also provide these monitoring tools during the creation of expert e-commerce solutions.


These tools just count views, clicks and the page at the very beginning. The analytics are now capable of analyzing the data and providing an advanced study of the marketing campaign’s impact on viewing. They will distinguish traffic from social media strategies and that from e-mail marketing campaigns or even pay-per – click campaigns.

Many of the instruments used by e-commerce solutions are:


1.Analytics Google


This tool is perhaps the most favourite entrepreneurial tool as it is a readily available tool. Most SME owners still favour Google Analytics as it is the simplest user interface. All the tabs and parts are self-explanatory and there are plenty of guides to use.


2. Pivot Pivot


Piwik is a method to evaluate open source data in real-time. It runs on the users’ web servers. This analytical method is chosen by people who require a cheap solution and believe in common intelligence as shown by open source software systems.


3. Trends in Site


This is also one of e-commerce solution developers’ commonly used analytical methods. It is considered to be one of the best methods for compiling circulation patterns through social media such as Twitter, Pinterest etc.


4. Catalyst Adobe Site


Site Catalyst is an Adobe Online Marketing Suite component. It is one of the best tools likely to collect video interaction statistics from users. It can also track the number of people who have access to the site through social networks or how many have accessed the mobile version of the site.


5. Metrics of IBM


This analytical method offers user-friendly information for a company’s advertising department and details of the returns from a marketing campaign. This analytical method is available at company price level.


These tools can be connected by trained developers to the e-commerce website. In addition to these devices, the company can access buyers information. You may build a customer profile from whatever part of the world you are. It can also be recognized that they enter social media or even an e-mail from which network. The e-commerce will turn them into real customers with even more information about visitors to the web and benefit!

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