Medical Marijuana Laws In California

More than twelve States in the United States legalized the treatment of marijuana or Cannabis . The California Act on the Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes (1996) or Proposition 215 (1996). The act was passed on 5 November 1996, with a voting percentage of 55.6% in favour of the act in contrast to the act of 44.4%. This Act basically stipulates that people have the right to medically use marijuana when the use has been determined to be appropriate and is proposed by a healthcare provider.

The California medical marijuana laws say that a person who wants to work with the drug must be approved. To do so, the person should discover what laws are in the county, and never the state level, of his county’s medical marijuana programme. A person who wishes to use marijuana must complete a form and receive a written advice from a licenced doctor. Obtaining a marijuana licence for medicinal purposes is very easy and it is possible to receive a suggestion from licenced doctors if you really need the drug.

A great many medicinal dispensaries have been set up in California following the passage of the Compassionate Use Act. Anyone approved here will be able to buy marijuana herbs and products. Although medical marijuana legislation in California requires anyone to use the drug, it is classified as illegal by federal legislation. There are, however, a number of people who have been charged with marijuana. In case, however, you want to be on the safe side, it’s necessary to get a licence and to have the allowable quantity.


AIDS, Seizures, Anorexia, Chronic Boredom, Glaucoma, Extreme Nausea, Migraine, Cancer , Arthritis, Cachexia and other chronic illness are many conditions licenced in California for the use of medical marijuana.

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