Resin Based Surfacing

On the DIY and building industry, resin-based surfaces remain a relative newcomer. In the last few decades, major developments were made in polymers and epoxy resins, so the price is also great. Nevertheless, many people are also unaware that resin-based surface surface technology is an option.

The surface consists of decorative gravel that is applied to the actual solid surface with visible resin. It is essential to properly plan and clean a strong surface. The foundation must also be what is called monolithic, so that very few, if any, joints can exist. The resin and the aggregate – bound with resin and bound with resin – are then placed in 2 separate forms. Every method is set for less than an hour so knowledgeable staff or even DIY enthusiasts need to put it on.


The resin bonding process involves thoroughly mixing aggregates and resin and spreading it by hand with hand troubles and screw bars around the base. This can be used to set the proper thickness of the mixture.


The resin bonding technique involves placing the resin over the foundation during which the aggregate is spread over the tacky resin.

Both industrial and domestic resin based surface applications. Busy and cycles roads and for the enhancement of municipal areas are fine commercially. Companies may put their logo on the surface and complete the identification of their office or even their plant.

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Layer can be used on exits, outdoor play areas and paths for residential use. The kitchens or conservatories could be used indoors.


There are many benefits of operating with a resin-based surface for both residential and commercial clients. The finished surface is UV-resistant and stable to oil discharges, types that are special can be made, there are a vast range of colors, it is easy to lie down, and the surface area has a lot of life. It’s very dry, so you have to dry very quickly.


For a new surface project, a resin-based surface is chosen for that durability and many benefits.

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