Shipping Antique Firearms

Antique weapons require some analysis and preparation to be delivered. You first need to learn how to correctly pack the item so that during shipment it won’t get harmed. First you must know what shipping companies you can use to ship yours sellers with firearms because only certain packing carriers can distribute firearms using their service. You must understand how you can defeat these two barriers before you try to ship your civil war weapons.

The first thing you need to know is the way your antique weapons are being properly prepared for transport. To do so you need a durable box that is sufficiently wide to place your gun flat on the bottom without rubbing on the edge. You don’t want a very serious package, however. This ensures that the gun will rattle around the box when shipping and increases the chances of it being damaged. Then you must pad the box to safely hold the old weapon and make sure there is enough padding to withstand the shock of your step. You want to ensure next that the box is fully screened after your weapon is padded and locked in the box. Using a durable tape for wrapping the package in all 3 directions. First around the circumference of its length, then around its width circumference and finally around its height circumference. The final step is to ensure that there are no signs inside the box which indicate that a weapon is inside.

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You are able to find a carrier after your old weapons are properly packaged. DHL will not ship weapons so mark them in your carriers’ list. FedEx is going to ship firearms in case you meet their shipping needs. In order to ship the firearms of yours via FedEx you are going to need to make use of their FedEx Priority Overnight shipping and delivery method, the item will have being packed so it’s not operable and your packaging mustn’t indicate that there’s a weapon in the box. You’ll also have to prove to FedEx that you’re an authorized seller of firearms and that your shipment does not violate any federal, local laws or state. UPS is much less restrictive. They’re a great choice for auction sellers. Usually the only requirements you are going to need to meet include: requiring an adult signature when the packaged is delivered and having a letter on file at UPS that proves that you’re legally able to sell firearms in the state of yours. The USPS will ship firearms, except for handguns. You are going to need to look at USPS “Handbook HBK IS 135, Firearms” for more info about shipping firearms through the mail.

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